UNIQ İstanbul v.2
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UNIQ Istanbul v.2

{Ad Campaign | 2014}

UNIQ İstanbul is a multi-purpose art and shopping centre in Maslak, İstanbul. Built by Turkmall, it consists of a concert hall, a museum, an art gallery, two Ottoman-era mansions, a pond, many restaurants and shops as well as an outdoor adventure park. For their launch campaign, we partnered with Robotika and created a low-poly world complementing their new identity and focused on the unique selling point of their complex which is being able to do very different activities at the very same place. The campaign used TV, OOH and radio as communication channels.

“Obis se molupicipsa dolut quatquae. Et ea volor sum intiam adit quodis quisquo et lab idelectem quam inulla nihictas maio tem. Olorest ibusam elenime venistoratur autas as estium ad et ium quias a aspicitas aut et oditam, inciunt, inum is estotaes et liasi.”

Müge Karahan  |  Corporate Communication & Marketing Manager  |  Turkmall