UNIQ İstanbul v.1
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UNIQ Istanbul v.1

{Rebranding | 2014}

UNIQ İstanbul is a multi-purpose art and shopping centre in Maslak, İstanbul. For their rebranding project, we took their old logo and updated it with a new and modern outlook – making it easy to use in small sizes, easier to reproduce and more relevant. We also created 4 original treatments of the logo which correspond to 4 main selling points of the complex: Nature, Food, Art and Work. For the rest of the identity, we used strong colour combinations and geometric shapes to emphasise the complex’s modern and colourful world.

“Obis se molupicipsa dolut quatquae. Et ea volor sum intiam adit quodis quisquo et lab idelectem quam inulla nihictas maio tem. Olorest ibusam elenime venistoratur autas as estium ad et ium quias a aspicitas aut et oditam, inciunt, inum is estotaes et liasi.”

Sonay Yücel  |  General Manager  |  UNIQ İstanbul