ICC 2014
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ICC 2014

{Brand Identity | 2013}

International Camping Congress is a conference organised by International Camping Fellowship, which takes place in a different country each year. It is a very well-known event that brings camp professionals from all of the world together. The theme of the event in 2014 was “peace” so we designed an emblem that shows a multi-coloured dove in flight, the colours symbolising different races around the world and the dove itself symbolising tolerance and peace.

International Camping Congress 2014 has been a milestone for Turkish outdoor education industry. Since the very first day of the bidding process, HaritaMetod acted not as a design studio but as a true team member of the organizing committee and played a very important role in making this the most successful ICC congress ever.

Fahrettin Gözet  |  President |  Turkish Camps Association