Gergedan Kitabevi
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Gergedan Kitabevi

{Rebranding | 2014}

Gergedan Kitabevi is a bookstore in Kadıköy, İstanbul. Owing their name to a discontinued literary magazine called “Gergedan” which means “Rhino”, they have been using Dürer’s Rhinoceros as their symbol since the store’s conception. For the rebranding of their identity, we kept the illustration (according to the owner’s request) but changed their logotype and corporate fonts. For the logotype, we used condensed serif letters that take inspiration from the type bars of a typewriter. As their corporate colour we chose yellow and black to due to their warmth and high contrast.

“With their collaborative approach, original ideas and fast turnaround times the HaritaMetod team, which we have been working for over a year, makes us quite happy and helps us create riveting works for our customers in the process.”

Rüyam Yılmaz  |  Owner  |  Gergedan Kitabevi